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Mary's Grace

Since 2013 Mary's Grace Incorporated has been a well-known Disability Advocacy group in North Carolina. What started out as a mom advocating for her own twins has become a community with the same passion. We are delighted to share it with you. We are committed to create programs that include all. We strive to connect people with others in their community to create spaces of belonging. We strive to connect with families and guide them through or walk alongside the challenging times. 

Biology Class
Biology Class

IEP Advocacy & Support

IEP stands for Individual Education Plan. Mary's Grace assists families in creating the best plan for their child. Our team can serve as an advocate for the child and work with guardians, teachers, counselors and administrators to create a balanced plan that supports the child's learning environment. Our team consists of teachers and counselors.


Workshops, Training, and Preaching

We believe in customizable workshops catered to your context. Trainings can range from 1 hour overview to 2 day intensives. We create custom workshops, sermons and Bible Study classes focused on the following topics: 

  • Disability and the Church  

  • From Inclusion to Belonging

  • Disability and the Black Church 

  • Inclusive Youth Programming

  • Accessibility, Inclusion and Belonging

  • Mental Health and the Church

  • Autism

  • Invisible Disabilities


*preaching and Bible Study led by either Rev. Dr. LaTonya Penny or Rev. Charles Penny II


Community Support Teams

We are here to offer a helping hand to adults and children with varied abilities and their families as they create a team that is committed to journeying alongside the family throughout the community. Our team assists in creating, training, and supporting Community Support Teams within faith communities. 

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